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Are you about to start your yoga journey? Are you looking to level up your yoga journey? Are you looking for yoga blocks set of 2 ? Then you have come to the right place . I will tell you about the 5 best yoga block sets 2 in this article, you can choose any of these sets and pursue your yoga journey with them.

Bodylastics Yoga Blocks Set of 2 :

Bodylastics Yoga Blocks Set of 2

About This Yoga Blocks Set Of 2

  •  Durable Supportive Foam: Yoga Blocks are made of closed cell high-density EVA foam, Bodylastics Yoga Blocks provide you with reliable support and long-lasting performance, even under considerable weight.
  • Non-slip Surface & Solid Construction: Slip-resistant surface combined with specially constructed round edges, our yoga blocks ensure a comfortable and steady grip. Measured 9 x 6 x 3 inches each (LxWxH), any side can be used for the perfect height.
  • Extend & Deepen Stretches: Providing the stability and balance, Bodylastics yoga blocks help to extend your stretching, deepen your poses and ensure the optimal alignment. It also comes with a D ring stretching strap to increase your range of motion. Perfect for all types of yoga and other workout exercise, great for overall balance and flexibility.
  • Moisture-proof & Easy-care: Adapting moisture-proof material, our yoga block won’t absorb sweat and thus is easy to maintain a clean surface. Whether sweating in hot yoga, or conducting any workout exercises at home or in gym, you can easily wipe down the blocks with water and let it air dry.
  • Specialized Yoga Brand: Being a professional yoga product brand owner for over 10 years, we have been sourcing our planet for the best material to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction. Visit Bodylastics Amazon store for more product offerings.

 720+ User Rating 

Vedam Yoga Blocks Set of 2 :

Vedam Yoga Blocks Of 2

About This Yoga Blocks Set Of 2

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: EVA foam is a lightweight material, which makes it easy to transport to and from your yoga classes.
  • DURABLE: EVA foam is a highly durable material that can withstand wear and tear, ensuring that your yoga block lasts for a long time.
  • SOFT YET FIRM: EVA foam has a soft texture that provides cushioning, while still being firm enough to provide support during yoga poses.
  • NON-SLIP SURFACE: EVA foam yoga blocks have a non-slip surface that helps prevent them from sliding or slipping during use.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: EVA foam yoga blocks are easy to clean and maintain, making them a convenient prop to use in your yoga practice.
  • VERSATILE: EVA foam yoga blocks can be used in a variety of yoga poses and can be positioned in different ways to provide support and alignment.
  • AFFORDABLE: EVA foam yoga blocks are relatively inexpensive compared to other yoga props, making them a great option for those on a budget.

 45+ User Rating 

Coreteq Yoga Blocks Set of 2 :

Coreteq Yoga Blocks Set Of 2

About This Yoga Blocks Set Of 2

  • High density foam- Specially formulated EVA foam allows optimal durability and stability to Coreteq yoga blocks. Now you can perform a variety of exercises using variable sized sides with ideal balance.
  • Bevelled edges- For superior grip, we have bevelled the edges to make it easier on hands. This makes it versatile for all types of balance exercises and stretching.
  • Starter set- This set comes with 2 pieces of yoga bricks and 1 yoga belt, which makes it the perfect addition for beginners. Yoga strap has a length of 8 ft. and two D-ring buckles.
  • Water and sweatproof- Our yoga blocks are water and sweatproof and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth or towel. Do not use abrasives as it can damage the surface.
  • Multi-layered style- Fun colour combinations in a sandwich style makes it a great addition to any fitness studio or home gym.

 175+ User Rating 

Exerz Yoga Blocks Set of 2 :

Exerz Yoga Blocks Of 2

About This Yoga Blocks Set Of 2

  • Exerz Yoga Blocks are designed to support the yogis to perform deeper and better-balanced poses. Its Slip-resistant surface protects practitioners from slipping or sliding.
  • Dimension: Set of two, 23 x 15 x 7.5 cm / 9 x 6 x 3 inches per brick.
  • Material: EVA
  • Sturdy during use, odour resistant, eco-friendly. Perfect for studios, home workouts, or gym.
  • Recommended to users of all fitness levels.

 1975+ User Rating 

Serveuttam Yoga Blocks Set of 2 :

serveuttam Yoga Blocks Of 2

About This Yoga Blocks Set Of 2

  • 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. Non-slip even sweat.
  • Lightweight, high-density and sturdy foam for long-lasting durability.
  • Beveled edges provides soft grip. Moisture-proof material keeps bacterial away.
  • Deepens, elongate your stretches and aligns your posture perfectly, fit for all fitness levels.
  • Perfect for on-the-go, in the studio, or at home use.

 925+ User Rating 

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